UAW Rally Held at NUMMI

nummi-pic-3nummi-pic-11On August 20th, 2009 the UAW held a rally in Fremont, CA at the NUMMI Plant to gain assistance from business leaders and State Officials to convince Toyota to keep the only west coast factory open in the state of California.  Hundreds of people gathered to show support including but not limited to UAW Local 2244 members, UAW Local 76 members, UAW International nummi-pic-2Representatives, members of the AFL-CIO, and many business and state leaders.  There were speeches from Fremont Mayor Bob Wasserman, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, and Lt. Governor John Garamendi.  The NUMMI closer would effect 4,700 factory workers, 35,000 workers across the state of California, and 1,186 businesses.

A special thanks to members of Local 76 from Ford, Chrysler, Exel, Dakkota, Injex and Premier who attended the successful rally.

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