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Employee Free Choice Act

Members of Local 76,

The Employee Free Choice Act is legislation that we are working on to get past in the next few months.  The Employee Free Choice Act will allow workers the freedom to form Unions without intimidation.  It will allow employees to form a union based on a majority of authorization cards on the employees terms (not the Company’s).  It also increases the penalties on Companies that violate an employees rights to form a Union, and shortens the amount of time a new contract is to be finalized.  Please support the Employee Free Choice Act by filling in the card HERE.

In Solidarity,

Jim Soldate, President Local 76

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Gettelfinger: Change policies to aid auto industry

This article was posted on the UAW website here.

By Ron Gettelfinger

This new year, we’ve got a huge task ahead of us: restructuring the American auto industry for a viable, long-term future.

It won’t be easy — just as it wasn’t easy to win the emergency bridge loans which give us a chance for a brighter tomorrow. When we went to Washington seeking to help so that U.S. carmakers could weather the current economic crisis, many in the Beltway used this as an excuse to beat up on American companies and American workers.

From detriot news: To see the entire story Link to article

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